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Cosmology in Culture & Astrology in Academia

The active participation of the astrologer in the manipulation of time and space is a species of magic.

Campion, Nicholas, ‘Astrology’, Encyclopaedia of Sciences and Religions, (ed. Nina P. Azari) Springer Dordrecht, 2013, forthcoming

A fractal is a pattern that contains itself. A fractal occurs when the same type of pattern is recreated at multiple scales of a system.

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I want to take pictures and I want to text and tweet and Instagram. I can do two things at once. I can snap a photo, shoot a minute-long video, send out a tweet or two and still thoroughly enjoy the night. I’m conscious of others around me, I turn the brightness on my phone as dim as it can go, and never shoot video longer than a minute. The idea of being at a club or a public event, standing around and not being able to silently share seems almost old fashioned to me.

Put Down The Camera And Watch The Show…Really?


I don’t know much about writers who write for a living, but I’m guessing most do not meet with Hiphoppas before sitting down to write about “Hip Hop” (no hyphens – capitalized) Original Quote from article below:

I do not know much about writing rap lyrics, but I’m guessing that most rappers do not meet with physicists and cosmologists from MIT and Cornell before sitting down to write. But that’s exactly what Wu-Tang Clan founding member GZA did during the creation of his new album, Dark Matter — a project the rapper hopes will turn his audience on to science.

GZA and Neil deGrasse Tyson team up on a hip-hop record about science (via poptech)