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Iron in Egyptian relics came from space

Iron in Egyptian relics came from space

Kickstarter Fund for Public Space Telescope

Kickstarter Fund for Public Space Telescope

Google Earth’s photos on Google+

Google Earth’s photos on Google+

How to Think Like a Futurist #IoE

Dave Evans | April 23, 2013 at 5:37 pm PST, cisco.com

Prepar­ing for tomor­row’s panel at Fast Com­pa­ny’s Inno­va­tion Uncen­sored event in New York has been an inter­est­ing process. That’s because I’ve been asked to describe how I pre­dict the future rather than what the future wi…

#Future #Forecast

How to Think Like a Futurist #IoE

Deep Space Industries Webcast LIVE

The Galactic Mining Race Begins! To the Kuiper Belt and Beyond!

Deep Space Industries Webcast LIVE

Moon rocks, chunks of Mars auctioned in New York


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Mete­orites from Mars and the biggest piece of the Moon ever offered for sale went on the block on Sun­day in New York in what orga­niz­ers billed as his­to­ry’s largest mete­orite auc­tion, which brought in over $1 mil­lion.

Moon Rocks 4 Sale

Moon rocks, chunks of Mars auctioned in New York


SpaceX satellite loss is a warning for ride sharers


“Buyer beware” applies even in space, if you’re try­ing to cut costs with a sec­ondary pay­load launch for your satel­lite


SpaceX satellite loss is a warning for ride sharers

U.S. approves California bullet train construction

By Ralph Vartabedian, Los Angeles Times, latimes.com


The action allows the state rail authority to begin acquiring the land that will be needed between Merced and Bakersfield to construct about 130 miles of rail by 2017.

The Obama admin­is­tra­tion Wednes­day gave the first for­mal…

This could be serious #Progress ! #bullettrain #caHSRA

U.S. approves California bullet train construction

#Progress Imagine Japan.