Motus Operandi

Freelance Genetic Engineer – Cultural Astronomer – Inspector Gadget

Estebon S.R. Duarte MACAA, AMA


Western Predictive Astrology – Sacred Botany – HipHop Hermetix – researcher in Metaphysics and Underlying Systems – Libra Rising – Sun, Moon & Mercury in Cancer – Cantheist – Cannabist – Strainmaker

Independent researcher specializing in Western Predictive Astrology and Cultural Astronomy. Currently working on a diverse course of research including Medieval Horoscopic Techniques, NeoPlatonic Astral Magic as well as the Secular advancement of Space 2.0 and Humanity’s place in the Cosmos; Sacred Geometry, NuPhysics, Asteroid Mining and such phenomena as the Overview Effect.
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Often referred to as Traditional Astrology, the techniques involved with horoscope based astrology are connected to traditions maintained by Pharaonic Egypt and passed through Greek culture, Sassanian empire, Muslim innovation to renaissance Europe in the 12th century until supplanted by industrialized science and psychoanalysis in modern times. The last 30 years has seen a revival of ancient techniques and philosophy where horoscopic astrology is concerned, Organic Astrology is a return to Natural Philosophy in the paradigm of neoplatonic thought produced by reckoning the movements of the heavens. Welcome.
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