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Month: January, 2013



Moonrise in Real Time

This isn’t a time-lapse. This is celestial movement happening at real, human speed.

It’s big, bright and beautiful. -L

Real-Time Lunar Movement…

we-are-star-stuff: “The ash of stellar alchemy was now emerging into consciousness. At an ever-accelerating pace, it invented writing, cities, art and science, and sent spaceships to the planets and the stars. These are some of the things that hydrogen atoms do, given fifteen billion years of cosmic evolution.” – Carl Sagan

#art (at Coava Roastery and Coffee Bar)

at Farmer’s Backyard

Get your #Chi straight. (at Herb Shoppe)

#herbs (at Herb Shoppe)

#emeraldtablet of #hermes limited print from Ouroboros Press cc/@eskmo_welder (at Eastwood/IOOF Cemetery)

Deep Space Industries Webcast LIVE

The Galactic Mining Race Begins! To the Kuiper Belt and Beyond!

Deep Space Industries Webcast LIVE

#Moon conjunction with #Jupiter in ♊ (at Bear Creek Park)