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Month: October, 2012

Science and religion are united in a shared sense of wonder Jeff Forshaw, guardian.co.uk As human knowledge expands, some claim science has the answer to the deep questions in life. But what of the mystery of existence? As a scientist, I like to feel as if I am exploring a cosmic mystery of the greatest […]

A fractal is a pattern that contains itself. A fractal occurs when the same type of pattern is recreated at multiple scales of a system.

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asteroidproject: Earth from Apollo 11. Source: Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

#sacredspace (at Rosicrucian Peace Garden)

Digital Temple of Design #APPL (at Apple Inc.)

At the Apple Orchard (at Apple Inc.)

#Esotericism #egypt (at Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum)

“Gather around” #progressshot #forthoseofyouadkingwhatipaintwithitsallthetearsfrommyyouthwheniwasbeingbulliedbyrollerbladersfortidingaskateboard craola, instagr.am #Progress w/ @craola