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Month: July, 2012

Drug made from toxic weed kills cancer Vanessa Wasta-Johns Hopkins, futurity.org JOHNS HOP­KINS (US) — An exper­i­men­tal drug derived from a poi­so­nous weed can trav­el harm­less­ly through the blood­stream until it detects can­cer cells and kills them. In lab­o­ra­to­ry stud­ies, the researchers say, a three-day… #Progress

I want to take pictures and I want to text and tweet and Instagram. I can do two things at once. I can snap a photo, shoot a minute-long video, send out a tweet or two and still thoroughly enjoy the night. I’m conscious of others around me, I turn the brightness on my phone as dim as it can go, and never shoot video longer than a minute. The idea of being at a club or a public event, standing around and not being able to silently share seems almost old fashioned to me.

Put Down The Camera And Watch The Show…Really?


#Oregon Berry U-Pick (Taken with Instagram at The Oregon Vortex)

Obligatory “I’m on a Plane!” pic. For all you Coach-Class Cowboys (Taken with Instagram at 30,000 feet above Cascadia)

And yet it moves! – XIV


We will log you in after post

We will log you in after post

We will log you in after post

We will log you in after post

We will log you in after post


#astronomy #sky

And yet it moves! – XIV

vanityfair: The Audi A3 e-tron’s “engine” resembles Terminator X’s DJ stack, after a run in with an errant Flavor Flav. More on Audi going electric here. Photograph by Brett Berk

6-million-ways-to-PEZ! choose one. (Taken with Instagram at Main Antique Mall)