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Month: July, 2012

W/@sarah_0609 (Taken with Instagram at Rio Tinto Stadium)

New Mural #SLC (Taken with Instagram at The Heavy Metal Shop)

#Banksy Framed by #ParkCity (Taken with Instagram at Banksy Mural)

Rest In Peace Ms. Melodie. BDP forever. djdnice, instagr.am #HipHop #Hiphop #hip-hop

Higgs And Aristotle: A Parable Of Ethers

by Marcelo Gleiser, npr.org

Pub­lished: July 18, 2012

Aris­to­tle and Peter Higgs walk into a pub. Higgs, as usual, orders a malt. Aris­to­tle, more of a wine fel­low, stays close to his Greek roots.

“So, I hear they found it,” says Aris­to­tle, with a twin­kle in his…


Higgs And Aristotle: A Parable Of Ethers

Virgin Galactic announces new launch vehicle Dave Klingler, arstechnica.com Plan­e­tary Resources and Vir­gin Galac­tic announced a new part­ner­ship Wednes­day to launch a small swarm of tele­scopes aboard a new launch­er from Vir­gin. Vir­gin’s new launch­er is to be called LauncherOne. It appears to lever­age the… #StarTrekorStarWars?

collabfashion: Desert Paradise at the Huntington Library & Gardens.

Keepin it #esoteric for ya’ll- anyone kno what this is? (Taken with Instagram at Eastwood Cemetery)

My Solar Return present…w/ #Saturn in the #FirstHouse. #Arcane #Occult (Taken with Instagram at Eastwood Cemetery)