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Month: April, 2012

My Great Grandparents (Taken with Instagram at Lillie King Park)

staff: In addition to this very official Tumblr Staff blog and our charmingly factual About page, you may already be familiar with our official Engineering blog, which shines a light on technical developments of interest to the Tumblr population. Today we’re rolling out four more departmental Tumblrs showing how we live and work, as well […]



Listen to this! We just teamed up with Spotify so you can post tracks, playlists, and full albums from their very extensive library. Search for tracks or paste a Spotify link to embed your music — without the daily limit. 🙂

To celebrate, we’ve put together this playlist featuring musicians from the Tumblr Spotlight. Hit play and enjoy!

Don’t have Spotify yet? Get it here!

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discoverynews: Is This a Parrot on Mars? A new paper claims this is not a Rorschach test for the extraterrestrially challenged, but an anatomically correct, three-dimensional rendering of a parrot on Mars that is too accurate for chance. So concludes an independent team of two geologists, three veterinarians and a sculptor — who spent six […]

kenosone: #ogshit DJ Pausebutton

Good Morning-